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March to a Million

The March to a Million

This past summer GEAR UP held their national conference in Washington DC under the theme "The March to a Million." This new initiative aims to expand the reach and impact of GEAR UP nationwide. There's no question that GEAR UP has been a force for good in the realm of education reform. Countless students, many of them underprivileged, have participated in the program and ended up being successful in the college of their choice. Currently, GEAR UP serves approximately 570,000 students nationwide, but we hope to impact an even greater number of students for good as we move forward.

NCCEP has uploaded several videos covering the conference to their YouTube page. Below, we've gathered just a couple of these videos that we found inspiring, but feel free to watch the others HERE.

This video gives you a taste of what was experienced at the national conference. All in attendance were inspired to do their part to help take the GEAR UP program to the next level and reach this new goal of having one million students in the program.

This video shows Ranjit Sidhu, the CEO of NCCEP, introducing a musical number at the conference. We found it impressive that Ranjit would see such potential in someone, and by simply giving him the opportunity to perform, Ranjit was able to elevate this singer to new heights. This concept is at the heart of GEAR UP. We hope to provide opportunities to our students that will allow them to reach their goals - goals that were perhaps unattainable before.