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Greenpower Car Building Process

The skills acquired during the design and building process are valuable & will help any student gain a stronger understanding of how engineering works and can benefit us all. Learn more about the process of building a car from start to finish & see the types of concepts you could be tackling when you join our Greenpower program.

A Complete Documented Journey

One team in the UK has documented their entire Greenpower journey from start to finish in a blog. Take a look at their blog here and see what they did to grow as a team, discover new engineering concepts, & have a great time together. If you're thinking of getting involved with Greenpower, then this blog is a must read! You'll learn about how this program will benefit the students involved by teaching them invaluable skills, possible challenges & how to overcome them, & what the overall experience is like.

Design First

The process begins by having a good idea for a car and then turning that idea into a great design. GreenpowerUSA is partnered with Siemens Corporation to provide students with industry grade software that allows them to bring their ideas to life. This software is called Solid Edge and you get a glimpse of its capabitlity by watching the video above. Students involved in the Greenpower project will not only learn this internationally used software but also the process of designing something before building it. Students will gain a deeper understanding of how engineering works in the world and the many opportunities that can result from participating in the USU STARS GEAR UP project.

Building the Car

Once the design is complete it's time to implement what you created with Solid Edge by building the actual car. Students will understand how everything they designed comes together physically & by the end they'll see that the car they imagined has become a reality. One school in the GEAR UP program documented the experience they had of building their car and put it together as the slideshow you see above.

Race Time

Once each school has designed and built their race car, GEAR UP holds an exhibition where the schools race each other to see which cars perform the best. This is a rewarding experience for the students where they have a chance to see an application of all their hard work. So far, exhibitions have been held in Utah such as the Historic Wendover Airfield & the Utah Motorsports Campus.