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Greenpower Canvas Course

GEAR UP has implemented a Canvas course called "Developing Spatial Thinking" to be used in conjunction with learning the Siemens software and to help students begin thinking like engineers when designing their Greenpower car. The course is hosted on the USU Canvas account, but is also available to be exported to your school district's Canvas account if one exists. GEAR UP schools should have a teacher leading the course who has access to the course via the USU Canvas account.

This page is here to help troubleshoot any Canvas issues you may be having and to clear up any possible confusion regarding the Canvas course. If you have an issue relating to the topics below then read on to find an answer. If you cannot find an answer here, then email the GEAR UP Canvas admininstrator HERE.

Getting Access to the Course

Each school participating in the GEAR UP Greenpower project has been given a course which is hosted on the USU Canvas account. Teachers of the course are sent an invitation to join their course so they can teach the course directly from the USU Canvas account, or export the course to their school's Canvas account. There is a link in the invitation email to set up a username and password so you can access the USU canvas environment. Once you have set up your login credentials you'll be able to login by going to and clicking "login" in the upper right hand corner of the screen. You'll then be taken to a list of your canvas courses and the Greenpower course should appear on the list.

If you are a teacher and you have not received an invitation or the invitation has expired, please email our Canvas administrator to request access to the course by clicking HERE. In your email, please include the following information:

  1. First & last name
  2. Email address (to be used as your login ID)
  3. School where you teach
  4. Cohort 1 or Cohort 2

Export the Course

If your school already uses Canvas and you would like to export this course from the USU Canvas account to your school's Canvas account there is a fairly simple procedure which allows you to do this. It is a two-step process. First, you must log into the course on the USU Canvas account and export (download) the course. Then, you must log into your school's Canvas account and import the downloaded course into a blank course. Below are some links that walk you through each step in more detail:

Exporting the course

Importing the course