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Melia Balls

Program Coordinator, Cohort 1


Phone: 435.797.2795

Heather Ericson

Program Coordinator, Cohort 2


Phone: 435.797.1464

Gayle Bowen

Greenpower Media Contact


Phone: 435.512.7988

Greenpower Update

The video above is an update on Greenpower and also some words of inspiration from John Devitry. John is an engineer and an expert with the Siemens software we use in conjunction with Greenpower. He also provided all the content we use on our Greenpower canvas course. We share John's vision of helping our students reach their goals and expand their horizons. John is willing to visit our schools and share some great ideas and demonstrations with our students. If you'd like to have John come visit your school or learn more about what his visits are like, use the information to the left to contact Heather or Melia.