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Greenpower Resources


None of the GEAR UP Greenpower events would be possible if it weren't for the GreenpowerUSA organization. They are dedicated to helping young people develop and gain practical experience with STEM related skills.

To learn more about GreenpowerUSA visit their website at the following link:

You can also collaborate with other teachers and Greenpower advisors on the following forums:


Siemens is a technology partner for GreenpowerUSA and shares many of the same goals as both Greenpower & GEAR UP when it comes to preparing young people for the future and introducing them to STEM related topics in fun and interesting ways. Siemens provides participating schools with their industry leading software, Solid Edge, which help students design their electric powered race cars.

To learn more about Siemens & the Solid Edge software, visit their website here:

For even more resources for educators, visit the Siemens Educator Resources Page. and take a look at the Siemens Greenpower Page.

Rules & Regulations

If you are participating in GEAR UP's Greenpower events and you need a reminder of what the rules & regulations are, we have provided the link below.

Rules & Regulations

Interacting with the Press — 2019 Event

In order to prepare schools to interact with the press in relation to the Greenpower event, GEAR UP has provided the following resources: