Micro-Lada (Bion-M1)

USU STARS! GEAR UP students are invited to participate in an international science experiment beginning late September!

Our partner, the USU Space Dynamics Laboratory (SDL), has invited all 11 schools to help continue the Bion-M1 mission. Student teams will grow two kinds of radish seeds: those that have traveled to space and those that have not. 

Gayle Bowen of SDL is excited to work with teachers and students to make this a fun, interactive learning activity that connects our GEAR UP students to parallel projects in other countries. As part of the Micro-Lada project, GEAR UP students will Skype with students in other Utah schools, Japan, and Russia to share and compare results. 

Here's a brief overview of what the project entails:

Create environment: Design growth chamber

Record: Temperature, Soil, Fertilizer, Lighting, Watering Regimen

Compare: which seeds sprout first, weekly growth, weight, and more!

Bion from Gary Bronson on Vimeo.

This project includes each element of USU STARS! (Science; Technology; Arithmetic, Reading, and Students!) each helping students Gain Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs. For more information about participating in Mircro-Lada, see