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Parent Resources

Get Involved

Your children need you to be involved in their lives and know that you care about their success. If you're feeling unsure of where to start or too busy to try something new, check out these websites below on how you can get involved in your child's education in a way that will fit you and your family's needs.

Helping Your Student Succeed

The influence of a parent in a child's life can sometimes be the determining factor for their success or failure. We've put together a list of resources that focus on helping parents become an influence in their student's life that will put them on the path to a lifetime of success.

Affordable Internet for Families

Internet access is essential to how children learn in today's society, but it is not always inexpensive. The Comcast Internet Essentials program is a great solution for families that need affordable access to the Internet. Click the tile below to visit their website and learn how your family can take advantage of this program.

Inspiring Videos

Naomi tells us why science is important to her and why she researched the effects of pollutants on allergies.

Harine tells us what inspired her to look into ways of improving power supplies to remote villages in the developing world.

Shree explains why she was determined to be involved in cancer research.

Lauren explains why her experiment about carcinogens was inspired by her evening meal!

Luke tells about his love for science and why he wanted to talk to robots!

The 15 Google Science Fair finalists tell more about themselves.

The three young women winners of the Google Science Fair explain their projects and passion for science at TEDxWomen.

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