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Scholarship Opportunities

The ability to pay for college is, many times, the most difficult barrier for new students. Students loans are one way to pay for college, but it is wise to avoid student debt unless it is your last option. Below you will find resources which fit the needs of a variety of students. These resources will help you discover, apply for, and obtain financial aid for college, as well as expose you to many incredible opportunities.

GEAR UP Camp Scholarships

USU STARS! GEAR UP hosts several robust camps for qualifying students. Click the button below to take a look and see if there are any you qualify for and would like to register for:

  • Transition Camp
  • Engineering Camp
  • Space Quest
  • Smart-Girl Camp

Scholarship Databases

There are tons of scholarships available to all kinds of students. The following databases will help you find the ones most suitable for you:

Local (Utah) Scholarships

Many scholarships are available exclusively to Utah students. The following resources will help you find these types of scholarships:

International Scholarships

These scholarship opportunities are available for students from anywhere around the world. Take a look at the following websites to see if you're interested:


If you're interest is primarily in experience or earning money for college, then an internship may be right for you. See if any of these internships interest you:

Study Abroad

For an ultimately immersive educational experience, there is no better option than studying abroad. There are many study abroad opportunities for students - here are a few:


Serving in the military is rewarding in many ways, including helping you succeed when it comes to your education. Take a look at how they can help you:

Career Specific

If you know what you want to do after college and you want to start getting involved and gaining experience in your field, then these opportunities are for you:

Minority Based

There are many opportunities for minority groups that you can potentially take advantage of. If you qualify for these scholarships it can be a great way to help pay for college: