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GEAR UP Partner: USU Division of Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs is committed to students’ global learning environment, by enhancing the academic, personal, ethical, social and cultural experiences of students. Our vision is to promote academic success, health and wellness, service to others, civic engagement, appreciation of diversity, personal responsibility, and leadership.

GEAR UP Services

As a division, Student Affairs will provide opportunities for academic development, engage students in unique learning opportunities, and motivate students to set long term goals in order to obtain a post-secondary education. Our services vary from tailoring campus visits, traveling to school sites to do workshops and presentations, and assisting USU STARS! Schools to meet GEAR UP goals and objectives.

Our Locations

Discover which USU campus is nearest to your hometown. We invite you to schedule a visit to one of our USU campuses. A visit can be a meaningful experience that provides students, parents, and schools the opportunity to become exposed to a college environment by visiting classrooms, talking to college students and instructors, and learning more about the numerous university programs available to students.

Become Involved

We invite any community organization and higher education institution to become involved in the USU STARS! GEAR UP grant. By getting involved, you will have the opportunity to help aspiring students reach their ultimate goal of obtaining a higher education.


Much of what Student Affairs is offering USU STARS! GEAR UP schools and families would not be possible without the support and involvements of USU academic colleges and departments as well as other outside organizations.