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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have what it takes to go to college?


You do! You can go to college. Check out StepUp Utah for more info on what you can do now to prepare for college and to learn about tools that can help you decide what type of postsecondary education to pursue. 

What's holding you back? Watch these interviews of students that faced common fears and hurdles that sometimes get in the way of going to college. These students overcame their challenges, and you can too!

How can I pay for college?


Scholarships, grants, loans, summer jobs...You've got great options when it comes to finding ways to pay for college. These websites can help you navigate the financial aid process and hopefully find ways to help pay for school that you may not have even thought of.


How do I choose a major? A career?


Here is a great resource to help you in your search:


How do I choose a school?

What can I do now to prepare for college?


Check out these websites for tips and ideas on how you can prepare for college now:


What is college like? What can I expect?


College is really whatever you make of it and where you choose to go. But here are a few snapshots of what you have to look forward to:


Why go to college?


There are many reasons to go to college: get an education, gain job skills, meet new people, try something you've never done before,... Check out this website for more insight on why going to college is so important:

Then take a look at this chart. You've probably seen similar statistics before. Going to college increases your opportunities for higher salaries during your career and decreases your chances of being unemployed. 



Why Go to College? by FederalStudentAid.