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Greenpower Electric Car Challenge

The Utah Greenpower Electric Car Challenge was launched in 2015 with a handful of schools taking part, and involves having students work in teams to design, build, and race single-seat electric car kits from GreenpowerUSA. It offers elementary through high school students, guided by teachers and mentors, an opportunity to engage in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) activities. By building and racing an electric car alongside their peers, students learn by doing and gain relevant STEM experiences.

The 2019 Utah Greenpower Electric Car Challenge grew to include 24 teams, of Goblin and F24 cars, showcasing the work of 18 schools in Utah, and one in Nevada. In the F24 division, the event starts with qualifying heats to determine which teams advance to the final round. Qualifying cars then race in one final set. Scoring is based on the number of continuous laps, with extra points awarded for cars competing in the fastest lap and a video presentation.

Racing is only part of the competition. In addition to planning and building their car, students are involved in recruiting potential sponsors, completing coursework, and creating a video. They also have to plan the logistics of how to move their car from their school to the Utah Motorsports Campus on race day. Each team starts with a kit from GreenpowerUSA, or car from a previous year that can be modified or improved. News and media updates on the 2019 challenge can be found in our news and highlights section.

Self-paced online engineering and design courses are available at GEAR UP University. Courses such as electric car modules, creating the F24 car body, and 3D CAD modeling, include videos and short tutorials. Students are also encouraged to research current transportation challenges in Utah to discover how the Greenpower Challenge could help resolve issues, allowing students to gain an understanding of the importance of the project beyond the scope of the classroom.

Greenpower electric car challenges take place all over the country, and the world, promoting engineering and technology skills in students ages of 9 to 25. The event is co-organized by USU STARS! GEAR UP and the Utah Governor’s Office of Energy Development (OED), with support from USU's College of Engineering — Sustainable Electrified Transportation Center, and GreenpowerUSA.

Download a summary of past events.