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GEAR UP Engineering Camp 2016

Zachary Stocks


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GEAR UP hosted two Engineering Camps for their 8th grade students over the past two weeks. While attending, students stayed on the Utah State University campus. They were fully immersed in a college life environment to help prepare them for their future college experience. They followed a rigorous schedule in order to learn some fundamentals of civil engineering. The week focused on the types of infrastructure required for a city to have and maintain effective water works systems, including how to sample and test water, how water is irrigated for farmlands and other domestic use, and, of course, how water is treated and transformed into safe potable drinking water. It was a great opportunity which allowed the students plenty of time for hands on learning alongside the university's engineering staff and graduate students. This kind of experience teaches our students to think critically and encourages them to explore topics and ideas that are interesting to them and important for their futures. To get a glimpse of what our students experienced, take a look at the following videos for each week engineering camp was held!