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GEAR UP Parent Summit 2016

Zachary Stocks


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GEAR UP Parent Summit 2016

How learning can be encouraged in the home.
How learning can be encouraged in the home.
How students can learn in the home.

This Year's Parent Summit was a Success!

Last month we had the privilege of hosting a fantastic group of our GEAR UP parents at the Utah State University campus. The GEAR UP program is focused on improving the futures of our students by helping to enhance their education and prepare them for college, and we couldn't do it successfully without the support of invested parents.

Cultivating an environment of learning

One activity these parents experienced involved brainstorming ideas for what a home that cultivates an environment of learning and growth is like. The activity also involved illistrating these homes on paper, and we thought we would share these illistrations with you. If you are a parent of a student, then perhaps you will benefit from the suggestions that our parents had for how to make the home a great place for learning and growth. We've replicated their illistrations below and summed up some of the most important points from them.

Here are the Parents' Favorite Ideas


If the home is a place full of negativity and arguing, students are certain to learn from that and carry a negative attitude themselves. By focusing on making the home a positive place, even when faced with adversity, students will learn to exhibit that kind of behavior themselves, helping them become successful.

Reading / Literature

Reading was on several house sketches. Incorporating this in the home will help students increase their focus. It will also give them perspective and enhance their writing and speaking skills.


Listening to music can help students focus and relax. Learning to read and play music teaches discipline and the lesson that hard work and practice lead to rewarding success.

Family Activities

Family activities can be almost anything done as a family. Regular family meals, cooking together, travel, etc. Letting your student help plan and lead certain activities will teach them to make decisions and collaborate.


This extends beyond planning family activities. Parents and students can work together to do chores, homework, etc. Working in teams is a part of life well beyond school, and if they can master this skill in the home they will be a step ahead in the real world.

Unplug - Hands on Activities

This one was popular among our parents, and we agree that it's important. Technology is essential in today's world, but students need to learn to communicate effectively in person and how to do practical work - which doesn't always take place from behind a screen.


Last but not least. Our parents had a great discussion about the importance of effective listening. It's crucial that your student feels that you care for them and that they are heard in the home. Everything else will build off of the trust that comes from listening and caring for your student.