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Greenpower Challenge Advances STEM Education in Utah

Jeannine Huenemann


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Greenpower RaceThe 2019 Greenpower Challenge will take place on April 25

Building on the success of the Greenpower Electric Car Challenge in spring 2018, the Utah Governor’s Office of Energy Development has partnered with Utah State University’s STARS! GEAR UP program to provide three Greenpower Electric Car kits to qualified schools in Utah. To qualify for one of these car kits, valued around $4,500 each, a middle or high school needs to demonstrate knowledge, interest and commitment to sustaining a future greenpower program at their school.

In media release from Utah’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, writer Kayla Dewitt said that last year’s Greenpower Electric Car Challenge engaged “young students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The challenge provided a hands-on learning opportunity for middle and high school students to gain relevant STEM experience through building and racing a single-seat electric car.”

The article goes on to say that “As part of the challenge, participating schools engaged in activities aimed at developing the students’ skills in design work, mathematics, communication, and teamwork. Students received a car kit and access to a self-paced, online course, created by a professor at Utah State University, to assist in the development of the car. Students worked in teams to plan and build a car, acquire potential sponsors, complete coursework, create videos, and facilitate the logistics of transporting the car from the school to the track. The teams were also encouraged to research current transportation challenges in Utah to discover how the Greenpower Challenge could help resolve issues, allowing students to gain an understanding of the importance of project beyond the scope of the classroom.”

The Greenpower Electric Car Challenge is administered by USU STARS! GEAR UP, in partnership with the Utah Governor’s Office of Energy Development, Siemens Corporation, and GreenpowerUSA.

Press: EERE Success Story—Utah Launched Greenpower Electric Car Challenge to Engage Students in STEM