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Logan High Tracks Monarch Butterflies

Zachary Stocks


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Monarch Butterfly with Tag
Monarch Butterfly with Tag

This fall USU STARS! GEAR UP students at Logan High School (LHS) have been learning all about the life cycle, habitat and migration of butterflies as their classroom has become a monarch habitat. Shaunda Wenger, a biology teacher at LHS, thought it would be interesting for her students to learn about the population changes of monarchs in the Cache Valley. Weneger is fostering student learning and responsibility as she teaches her students how to distinguish males from females, search for butterfly eggs, and to propagate milkweed so that they can have their own monarchs for next year. LHS students along with Weneger will be focusing their learning on the area of migration. Students are interested in knowing where monarchs migrate once they leave Utah. These scholars have developed a system of tagging the butterflies on their wing with a light colored sticker before releasing them. The hope is that when someone else sees the butterfly in the future they will look at the tag, go to the website and enter in the information about where the monarch was last seen. Weneger and her students will continue to follow their butterflies throughout the winter and into next year to see where they’ve gone as well as raising their own population in their own classroom through the winter.

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