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Pursuing Engineering

Zachary Stocks


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Engineering programs around Utah.
Engineering Degrees

Pursuing an Engineering Degree & Career

In the world of engineering there are many paths one could take. You could explore civil engineering and what it takes to maintain society's infrastructure. You could learn how to build better computers and software, helping to shape the future of technology. You could dive into mechanical engineering to help build the machines that keep our world running smoothly or be a part of designing aircraft or spacecraft that could take mankind on its next great adventure. The possibilities are endless when you consider everything that falls under the umbrella of engineering.

Engineers continue to be in high demand as technology, infrastucture, and machinery continue to advance. This means that generally engineers will make a comfortable living. You'll also be rewarded with a sense of fulfillment that so many job-seekers want in the workplace today. Each day you'll be providing a valuable service to society and our future.

Where to Begin

Because engineering skills contribute so much to many aspects of our lives you will be able to find training at a wide range of institutions. First, learn more about the different areas of engineering and think about what interests you. Visit a counselor at a university who could tell you more about each engineering dicsipline they offer. A great place to start is online. We've gathered several websites from schools in Utah outlining what their engineering program is like and specifically what they offer. Click on each school below to visit their website and learn more: