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Digital Display Inspiration

Several students of a Photoshop course taught here at USU by professor Nathan Smith have used their incredible talents to help inspire our GEAR UP students. We've put together a gallery of their work and plan to use this artwork to help inspire our students and deliver our message that with hard work and preparation they will find success. Below are some insights from the creators of these graphics followed by the graphics themselves. We hope you will take a few minutes to look through them and hopefully find some inspiration for yourself!

I wanted to tie the quote by Eleanor Roosevelt about the beauty of dreams in with a beautiful image. I chose a fun, simpler font for the quote itself for ease in reading. I chose a regal font for Eleanor's name to show her elegance and beauty. Overall, I hope this image will remind us to pause and think about our dreams and goals and maybe reorient ourselves in the direction of our dreams.

My thinking was that motivation and desire are one thing, but action is required for success, so I wanted to emphasize those steps.

My goal for this poster was to find something that embodied the idea of staying curious and always wanting to learn.

I wanted to get across the message that you can reach your life's goals through education. The main focus of the piece was on the words REACH and EDUCATION with sub-wording saying that you can reach your goals through education.

I created my poster as a way to excite and inform students about the ACT prep classes offered by the USU GearUp program. It was made as a way to remind them of the importance of the ACT test and help them not procrastinate taking and preparing for it.

When I designed my display, I was thinking about benefits of college, and one benefit is more control over one's future profession.

Abbie Lewis Thumb
Abbigail Towery Thumb
Ashley Rojas Thumb
Ashley Rojas Thumb
Ben McColloch Thumb
Ben McColloch Thumb
Ben McColloch Thumb
Brandon Gifford Thumb
Brock Damjanovich Thumb
Cali Heber Thumb
Claire King Thumb
Daniel Halverson Thumb
David Crowther Thumb
Elise Wilding Thumb
Froylan Calderon Thumb
Greta Coldesina Thumb
Heidi Glick Thumb
Jacque Thurnau Thumb
Jacquelyn McGarry Thumb
Jared Mahoney Thumb
Jeff Childs Thumb
Jenny Hansen Thumb
Jordan Robertson Thumb
Joseph Law Thumb
Kaitlin Pence Thumb
Keivn Chiu Thumb
Kennie Bounyalath Thumb
Kennie Bounyalath Thumb
Kevin Wood Thumb
Kolby Hales Thumb
Krista Black Thumb
Lindsay Hepworth Thumb
Madison Ostberg Thumb
Mariah Anderson Thumb
Nicholas Dominguez Thumb
Quinn Thomson Thumb
Rodney Bessire Thumb
Shaelee Johnson Thumb
Spencer Buswell Thumb
Tressa Haderlie Thumb
Tressa Haderlie Thumb
Tressa Haderlie Thumb
Zachary Johnson Thumb