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GEAR UP Week Launches on Sept 23

Jeannine Huenemann


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National GEAR UP Week inspires students to succeed and to attend college.
Get your students involved in National GEAR UP Week on Sep 23-27
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Join thousands of students, parents, teachers, and partners from across the nation in celebrating GEAR UP

National GEAR UP Week is on September 23 – 27, 2019. It is an opportunity for you to raise attention and awareness in your school and community about the positive impact of GEAR UP. In doing so, we join thousands of students, parents, teachers, and partners from across the nation in celebrating GEAR UP and the successes of your hard work and dedication!

Build Awareness

Many of you have already started planning for the week at your school. Sharla Bynum, site coordinator at Granite Park Jr. High School (GPJHS), sent letters and emails to her elected officials. As a result, South Salt Lake City will issue a proclamation of support for USU STARS! GEAR UP during their city council meeting in early September. The mayor will visit the school and read the proclamation during GPJHS’s GEAR UP Week assembly. Access information about your state legislators is available online. Let us know about any visits and plans that you have for the week.

Celebrate at Your School

USU STARS! GEAR UP wants to celebrate your hard work and the progress your students are making towards our shared goal of making college a reality. For those of you who are new to your school’s GEAR UP program, we encourage you to start planning and preparing activities for National GEAR UP Week 2019. National and community GEAR UP organizations are a good place to look for ideas. These include the National Council for Community and Education Partnership’s (NCCEP) GEAR UP Week page, and Washington State GEAR UP’s 2019 toolkit.

Visual Aids and Resources

There are also resources are available for you to print and customize to help you connect your school’s GEAR UP program activities with others throughout the state, and across the nation. Use these at assemblies and afterschool events during GEAR UP week and throughout the year. Let your program coordinator know if you need anything adapted for your school.

Get the Word Out

Consider inviting local reporters from your newspaper, radio, or television station to activities. A press release can help you announce your events, either before or after they take place. You can also send a media advisory a few days before the event with a short write-up included in the body of your email. Media advisories are an easy and effective way to engage your community in your school program.

Social Media is another way to share your student and school success stories. With permission, take a photo or selfie to use in a social media post. If you take photos at activities, post them with a short description. You can also talk to students and even take videos, asking them how GEAR UP has inspired them, what their plans are after high school, how they overcame a challenge, or what career interests them.

Make your GEAR UP Week 2019 a week to remember.